Adventist Technical High School is committed to excellence in the salvation of the child through holistic training and service.

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We commit to daily modeling of our students with structured intervention in their physical, mental, spiritual, social and psychological growth and school fellowship.

Our Guiding Core Values

Our Strategic Plan brings together our strengths to provide a Christ-centered preparatory education that applies relevance through integrated vocational programs.

Labs & Library

    is the systematic and harmonious development of the mental, physical, spiritual and social powers, in line with the Seventh Day Adventist Philosophy of Education


    1.By providing a balanced and high quality learning experience for our students

    2.By creating a good teaching and learning environment – having good quality teachers, to make our students harness the teaching and learning resources available for the development of the mental faculties.


    1.By exposing to the consciousness of their physical needs and motivate them to take part in different physical activities in order for them to achieve physical fitness and well being.

    2.By promoting the need for personal hygiene, clean and neat appearance – stressing simplicity and modesty in natural look while discouraging artificial beauty. By the provision of wholesome, balanced and adequate diet.


    1.By leading the students to acknowledge and experience God as their creator, LORD and personal saviour.

    2.By creating in the student the sensitivity and awareness of his/her spiritual needs through devotions and worship service.

    3.By providing atmosphere for spiritual development through Bible studies, prayer meetings, prayer bands and singing groups.



      As the Principal, he has the overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of all the school's activities.
  •   Obediah, L. P. Esq. MNIM
             (Vice Principal)

    Obediah, L. P. Esq. MNIM (Vice Principal)

      He prepares and lead in the followin areas: curriculum development, timetabling, tracking, and analysis of results/data, behaviour management, pastoral care, external relations and community links, staff development, training and induction
  • Adventist Technical High School (ATHIS) Umuola, Aba.

    Elder Isaac Mba (Financial Officer)

      He oversees all financial activities as defined and set by the School management and the school Governing Council.

Welcome to Adventist Technical High School, Aba

Welcome to Adventist Technical High School (ATHIS), Aba

A very warm welcome to Adventist Technical High School (ATHIS) and its website, thank you for taking the time to visit us. We hope the links provide you with a taste of what we believe is a very special school. However no website can be a substitute for a visit to the school and we look forward to the opportunity of meeting you personally. Visitors to ATHIS, both current and prospective parents, are welcome at any time without prior appointments

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Pastor Obioma Agharanya - Principal, ATHIS

pastor obioma Agharanya Phd.

Adventist Technical High School (ATHIS), Aba is a continuously improving, well-ordered and caring community committed to providing its students with rich and extensive education. Our experienced educators are committed to the development of valuable learning experiences in a calm working atmosphere within a clear framework of discipline.

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