We operate open admission policy for all qualified applicants into JS1, JS2 and SS1. Students are admitted irrespective of gender, race, tribe, state of origin, nationality, religious denomination, etc. New summer students can only be given provisional admission into JS3 only in September after they show above average performance and excellence during interview. ATHIS summer (long vacation) school holds between ending of July and beginning of September every year. .


a.All intending applicants for admission into this school are expected to buy our Application Form for admission, get the form fully filled-out and returned with a passport-sized photograph.

b. Candidates seeking admission into JS1 must show evidence of having reached at least Primary 5 (lower Basic 5) at the time of application.

c.Candidates seeking admission into SS1 should have evidence of having successfully completed the Upper Basic Secondary education and should have taken the BEC Examination.

d.An international student seeking admission to the school must have completed the equivalent of the Primary School Leaving Certificate (Lower Basic Certificate) for admission into JS1 and Junior School Certificate (Upper Basic Certificate) for SS1